Casa Cisco: How Cisco Networked the Olympic Games

Casa Cisco: How Cisco Networked the Rio Olympics – Event Marketer
Casa Cisco Rio Olympics

Casa Cisco: How Cisco Networked the Rio Olympics

Cisco is all about connections, both digital and human, and that’s exactly what Casa Cisco, one of its primary sponsorship activations during the Summer Olympic Games in Rio, brought to life.

Cisco spent more than 600 days in Brazil and worked on 54 projects related to its engagement there, providing its collaboration and networking technology to the Games and other community and educational efforts that will leave a lasting impact on the country. But the Games also provided an opportunity to host its top customers and other invited guests at Casa Cisco and to reinforce the company’s new brand message, “There’s Never Been a Better Time,” through virtual reality, multisensory activations, video storytelling, live data feeds and other interactive engagements designed to educate its guests about the digital transformation taking place across business and industry and the need to be ready for it.

“Our whole purpose with the Casa was to create interesting, immersive opportunities for companies to come through and learn how their businesses could be transformed by these new possibilities, literally the billions and billions of devices coming online in the next five years that they have to understand or be left behind,” says Nancy Neipp, senior director, global events at Cisco. “That is really the underpinning of the story of the campaign, about securely connecting everything to make anything possible, which we told through a series of interactive vignettes.”

Cisco spent two and a half years renovating a beachfront military officers club into Casa Cisco, incorporating Brazilian design, materials, original commissioned artwork and food and drink into a space that combined the look and feel of a Brazilian boteco, which is a local bar or pub, with a series of galleries that told its brand story. Cisco’s 1,600 handpicked guests, all senior level vps and above, from 21 countries, relaxed, enjoyed views of the ocean and nearby Surgarloaf Mountain, watched the Games onscreen and learned about Cisco—how its networks connect businesses around the world and at the Games.

One experience visualized in real time the volumes of traffic, social media interaction and engagement taking place on Cisco’s networks throughout Rio, showing data such as how many wi-fi users were on the network and demonstrating how the Internet of Things allows businesses to make adjustments and corrections on the fly as necessary. But besides the big picture, real-time data, case studies highlighting customer success stories drilled down to specifics, using video, infographics and testimonials to show how actual businesses are transforming their network operations for the digital age.

In another area, a virtual reality experience highlighted Cisco’s urban innovation project in Porto Maravilha, one of Rio’s poorer neighborhoods, where it installed free wi-fi to the entire community. Next to it, in a Hear the City engagement, attendees could wear headsets and hear tunes created by the peaks and valleys of the volume of the network activity taking place across Rio.

A wall-sized timeline featured key moments in Cisco’s 22-year business involvement in Brazil, and a “Backstage Heroes” wall depicted local Cisco workers involved in the company’s community and Olympic endeavors. A local artist painted a ribbon of murals depicting aspects of Rio over a period of 40 days, and completed the final mural as the arrival of the first wave of guests looked on. Agency: George P. Johnson.


Photo Tour: Inside Casa Cisco

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