How CamelBak Isn't Trashing the Competition - Event Marketer

How CamelBak Isn’t Trashing the Competition – Event Marketer

How CamelBak Isn’t Trashing the Competition

CamelBak is the leader in personal hydration backpack systems and the brand wants everyone to stay decidedly not thirsty, my friends. They’re happy whenever somebody quaffs a long, cool drink of water, but they really don’t want you to do it from one of those little plastic bottles. It’s about the environment, dude.

So, three years ago, the brand launched the Ditch Disposable program, designed to lure people away from bottled water and, ideally, into a CamelBak. This year, through six major festival sponsorships, the brand crossed a major threshold, taking more than a million bottles out of the hands of thirsty music fans and candy ravers. To do it, CamelBak set up filling stations all over each of the festivals where it distributed free freshly filtered water to all festivalgoers. They didn’t have to have a CamelBak pack since the brand’s ambassadors would fill any reusable vessel. Each station was tied into a flow meter that measured how much water they poured, so the brand was able to accurately measure how many 16-ounce bottles were being saved.

“We wanted to pair our products with the music festival scene in order to associate with some non-sports events,” Seth Beiden, marketing manager, product and p.r. at CamelBak, told Buzz. “This was the first year we set out with such a big, hairy, ambitious goal so we worked out a way to offset the disposable bottles people would use.”

CamelBak’s festival tour included Hangout Fest in Alabama, Austin City Limits in Austin, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Governors Ball in New York City, and all the domestic stops for the Wanderlust Series.

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