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Burger King Offers Up Apple Fries at Concert

As a way to connect kids and families with its new Fresh Apple Fries menu item Burger King has inked a deal to be the presenting co-sponsor of the Jonas Brothers’ Burning Up Tour a 41-city event produced by Live Nation. The tour kicked off July 4 and runs through Sept. 5.

Burger King in June announced the launch of a new more nutritional Kids Meal featuring the “fries” (apple slices cut in the shape of fries) and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as part of its BK Positive Steps nutrition program.

On-site activation at the concerts includes signage and Fresh Apple Fries sampling Burger King’s largest sampling effort to date. A green-screen photo opportunity gives kids the chance to have their picture against a backdrop of the band the event itself or inside an apple fry carton. At an art station kids can create customized messages on postcards to the band that will be posted on-site as a collage from which the band will choose a favorite at the end of each show.

Concurrent to this sponsorship Burger King also will launch a tour of five cities—Chicago Houston Los Angeles Miami and New York in which it will target families at Saturday morning sports events with samples of the apple fries.

“This is a great forum to play up our new kids meal launch ” David Root manager of adult promotions and sponsorships at Burger King told Buzz. “Now we have a product that we can sample to a large section of our target market and be socially relevant because of the popularity of the Jonas Brothers. This summer we partnered with Iron Man Indiana Jones and The Incredible Hulk arguably three of the biggest blockbusters this summer. Now we are carrying that over into the music space.” Agency: Legacy Marketing Chicago sampling and on-site activation; Walton/Isaacson Chicago and L.A. event and tour management.

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