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Bruvado Imports Drives Interest in ‘Party in the Box’ via Motorsports Sponsorship

To help promote its Party in the Box offering (which includes five Bruvado Mexican beers and five shots of either bourbon or tequila), Bruvado Imports is tapping into Motorsports events. On Nov. 19, it sponsored TriStar Motorsports and driver Mike Bliss at the Miami-Homestead NASCAR Nationwide. Leading up to the race, Bruvado spread the word of its sponsorship with five-day activations at local accounts. Outside restaurants, for example, Bruvado displayed a branded show car replica of Bliss’s race car featuring a QR code that consumers could scan with their mobile phones for a chance to win tickets to the race through Facebook and Twitter.
On event day, Bruvado set up a branded motor coach that opened up to a bar where consumers could sample the products and learn more about Party in the Box. 

“The show car was a good way to draw people into our local accounts. If you’re a race fan, you’re going to stop to check it out,” Mike DeFord, vp-marketing at Bruvado Imports, told Buzz, adding that it was a win for the local accounts, too. One restaurant had never had a line waiting for tables before. On the day the show car was there, the wait to be seated was more than an hour long. “The motor coach is also a valuable marketing tool, because the setup allows us to engage consumers on-site and get them to try the product, so they like it, enjoy it and go out to purchase it.” 

Through the end of the year, the motor coach is also visiting Mixed Martial Arts events, action sports as well as traditional sporting events before the brand revs up for additional motorsports events next year. Agency: Drive Motorsports International, Portland, OR. 

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