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Bloom Supermarkets Stages Faux Protests To Save Ousted Muffin Bottoms

Bloom grocery stores raised a ruckus in one of its newest markets last month when it discontinued its Bloomberry Jumbo Muffins and introduced its replacement product Bloomberry Muffin Tops. During the three-day three-hour faux protest events held April 15-17 on Main Street in Greenville South Carolina on campus at Clemson University and at the Bloom store in Anderson SC giant shopping carts filled with muffin tops paraded down the street while four headless muffin bottoms members of CRUMB (the Coalition of Really United Muffin Bottoms) protested the news of their retirement by handing out t-shirts and protest flyers and booing. The integrated campaign includes a website ( YouTube videos a purposefully defaced and graffiti-covered Bloom billboard and a MySpace page.

Bloom regularly relies on stunts to boost brand awareness for its stores to support its tagline (a different kind of grocery store) and to help build viral buzz in new markets like the Greenville market which is just a year and a half old. In 2005 the brand “dropped” a six-foot jumbo muffin from a billboard onto a car below and in 2006 and 2007 Bloom converted an antique shop into a full-scale gingerbread house that served as a food drive collection point.

“Part of our brand positioning is to be straightforward thoughtful and optimistic so that gives us the license to be a little bit quirky and a little bit fun ” Robin Johnson director-marketing and brand development at Bloom told Buzz. “We absolutely don’t believe that you have to spend a lot in advertising to have an impact. You just need big ideas that people will talk about.”Agency: BooneOakley Charlotte NC.


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