Best Places To Work: Recognition in the Events Industry

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Best Places To Work: Our Inaugural Recognition of Industry Agencies and Partners

Recognizing the Best Places to Work in Events and Experiential Marketing


Our inaugural Best Places to Work in Events recognizes the agencies and partners that deliver the best work experiences, provide the most employee support and have superior office environments and cultures across the industry.

We issued a call for nominations late last year and by mid-January, hundreds had come in. Winners were determined exclusively on the basis of their employees’ responses to an Employee Engagement Survey sent via Quantum Workplace, the world’s leading employee engagement consultancy. Employee responses were calculated to determine the company’s overall score and ranking. (Our initial Best Places list focuses on agencies and partners. Our next one will focus on the best brand event departments to work at.)

Fact is, amazing things happen when you ask employees about employers. They give you the real scoop—what they love, what they hate, what needs work and why they stay or go. In an industry that has never been for the weak of heart, it’s the little things that go a long way: The office environment designed for collaboration (MKG). The employee lunch served daily (Sparks). The Massage Mondays (Michael Alan Group). Beer Cart Fridays (The Marketing Arm). Flake Days (Engine Shop).

It’s a historic moment for an industry that has always been a “people business.” And as such, we’ve rounded out the list of winners, below. Check back for additional coverage, including discussions on human resources, office environments, employee and employer perspectives and our favorite, the fun stuff.


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Picking The Winners

The Best Places to Work in Events was produced and fielded for Event Marketer by Quantum Workplace, a global leader in workplace recognition.



The original survey methodology was developed in 2003 by a panel of employee engagement thought leaders that tested the principles with 75 pilot items across a spectrum of workplace themes. After one million responses, Quantum performed “stepwise regression analysis” to identify the items most closely correlated to engagement. Based on that research, the company reduced the survey to its current 37 items, which account for over 99 percent of the variation in overall engagement. Quantum validates the science of its methodology annually against 1.5 million responses across 5,000 companies to continuously recognize trends in the evolution of workplace engagement.


For the Best Places to Work program, employees of nominated companies were asked to complete a Quantum Workplace employee engagement survey. The survey’s 10 key engagement categories focused on items including team effectiveness, trust in senior leaders, feeling valued, manager effectiveness, compensation and benefits. In order to generate statistically sound results, companies had to reach a minimum level of employee participation, based on total number of employees, to even qualify to be scored for Best Places to Work in Events.

Responses from each question of each completed survey were compiled and evaluated. Companies were ranked and finalists chosen in each category according to their overall score. This score was calculated by compiling all raw data from the questions on a 1-6 scale (strongly disagree to strongly agree) to find an average score that was then indexed to a 100-point scale. The total number of survey responses is also factored into an overall score. Winners were chosen 100-percent by Quantum—Event Marketer had no access to survey data and no influence on scoring—based on the results of the survey and, in essence, by the employees themselves.

Best Event Agencies To Work At



Employees said: “A great place to work. Been here over five years and no plans to go anywhere soon.” “Best work culture I’ve ever been a part of.” “Bring your dog to work day. Enough said.” “Love, love, love GMR. I wish all my family and friends could work here.”
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Employees said: “After nine years of employment, it’s a privilege to work with such experienced, passionate and talented people.” “It really would take a lot for me to leave this company.” “MKTG is a fun and professional organization to work for.”
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Employees said: “Great people, good environment where people are truly valued by management and the organization as a whole.” “I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for.” “I cannot say enough kind things about my direct supervisors, as they have built a strong team in which each team member plays a part to achieve.”
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Employees said: “In my 20-year career, this has been my favorite place to work.” “There’s an emphasis on team and collaboration.” “Great company. Great people.” “Two thumbs up.” “Management is fair, reasonable and supports employees in ways others in this market don’t.”
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Employees said:  “Great, growing, supportive company that should be recognized for its commitment to employees and clients.” “Being a family-owned business, it has been incredible seeing the amount of money and time that is invested back into the people who work here.”
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Employees said: “People love coming to work every day… the most common message from former employees: ‘if I had known what I know now, I would have never left.’” “I feel like a shareholder and not just an employee.” “You can feel the energy.” “No one will leave you hanging.”
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Employees said: “I feel valued and excellence is rewarded. I am constantly learning and being challenged.” “Employees know that they are valued at this company and in turn they work hard to ensure their best work.” “The CEO of our company is a force to be reckoned with—a true leader.”
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Employees said: “Great environment for motivated creative people to come and learn, contribute, grow and be appreciated and rewarded.” “The sky is the limit with opportunities at GO. I can see myself at this company for many years.” “The corporate culture definitely makes it the best place I have worked in my career.”
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Employees said: “A company with caring leadership.” “Supportive, flexible, professional and a fun place to work.” “A one-of-a-kind company.” “A casual atmosphere that creates a fun place to work.” “The culture is open, honest, heartfelt and caring. There is no place like it, literally.”
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Employees said: “Despite meteoric growth, inVNT has remained a ‘big, small’ business with a family ethos and mentality.” “A young, smart, creative company. The energy is great, the people are terrific and what they deliver to clients is always first rate.” “It would take a lot for me to leave.”
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Employees said:  “All success within the company is achieved with and through people.” “Lets employees work from home—not only do they allow it, they encourage and support it.” “Cares about their employees and customers.” “My only complaint is that I didn’t discover this company 20 years ago.”
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Employees said: “I love how much emphasis is put into our company culture at MKG. You really get a sense that everyone supports one another and they enjoy it. It’s like family in a way.” “Lots of perks and a family-like group of employees.” “Since the moment I started, I have felt at home, welcomed and encouraged to be the best I can be.”
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Employees said: “Like a second family.” “Everyone truly cares about you, and you about them. One family, one team, one MIG.” “You’re going to have to look really, really hard to find a better place to work.” “Great people, integrity, professionalism, good pay, flexibility, attention to detail.”
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Employees said:  “Great people. Even better culture that has allowed a lot of flexibility with my schedule.” “I find the work/life balance here second to none.” “I have never worked with a collection of such talented, passionate and fun people.” “Genuinely invested in their people and appreciate the talent within the organization.”
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Employees said:  “The company gives a percentage of profits to housing for those in need.” “Management notices strengths in individuals and allows them to grow in these and other areas.” “The most important comment that I can add is that of gratitude. I’m so thankful to work at a place like Unbridled.”
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Employees said: “Has an amazing culture and wonderful people you can’t find anywhere else.” “We recently moved to a new office and really feel at home here.” “It is such a collaborative and supportive team environment.” “I’ve worked here for 10 years. Clearly there is a reason I’ve stayed.”
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Employees said: “A great group of people doing really impressive work… with a really good heart.” “The work is important, but the people matter more.” “The trust, camaraderie, friendships, teamwork and synergy found at BKA is unparalleled.” “Many companies may claim to be like a family, but BKA really has achieved it.”
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Employees said: “I value the fact that I have a voice in the development of this growing company.” “Everyone walks into work with a smile on their face.” “We have all developed great relationships with one another, both at work as well as outside of work.” “The people are the No. 1 reason I am still working at Fusion.”
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Employees said: “It would be difficult to find a more supportive and encouraging workplace environment than Grow.” “The leadership sets the tone, and the staff has embraced the culture of collaboration.” “I have not seen the kind of competition that is common in other environments, and that is so refreshing.”
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Employees said: “Cannot say enough about the people that work here. Everyone pulls together and that’s so important in an agency.” “We’re all on the same team no matter what. That comes from the top and it’s shown by the way people work together.” “The people and culture make the difference and result in great work.”
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Employees said:  “The two women who started this agency are unlike any others in their field.” “There is something incredibly special here that deserves to be recognized.” “It’s a really wonderful place to work, the environment is really positive and exciting.” “There are no egos in this group.”
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Employees said: “From ‘Work from Anywhere Fridays’ to ‘Massage Mondays’ we are continually rewarded.” “Our work is recognized continually in new and innovative ways.” “The work environment is great.” “Everyone is super friendly and we really work as a team in the office.”
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Employees said: “PBJS is the best place a person could work if they are looking for an organization that will nurture, respect and elevate their career while making it fun.” “We work and play together. No one fights or gossips or talks behind anyone’s back.”
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Employees said: “I have never worked in an office where the sense of camaraderie and passion for the company’s well-being permeates the air.” “The energy is infectious and the open environment only encourages collaboration and creativity.” “Yes, we have a bar.” “The team truly cares about each other and at the end of the day each person wants to see the other succeed.”
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Employees said: “Great organization to work for.” “No backstabbing taking place here.” “Red Moon is a wonderful and special place. The people here are the only ones that can truly understand it. I love the company and I love the people.” “The enthusiasm is constant and contagious.”
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Employees said: “I am very grateful to work for such a generous and socially conscious company.” “Through their matching funds program, I am able to donate… to my favorite charities—a perk I have not had with any other employer.” “Positive work place, empowering coworkers.”
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Best Event Partners To Work At


Employees said: “There is never a dull moment here.” “I can bring my dog to work, we have an unlimited vacation and everyone cares about each other and our customers.” “I really appreciate our office setting and style of operating on a daily basis.” “My job is cool.”

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Hear what one employee says about working at this company, by clicking here.



Employees said: “Astound demonstrates that the employees are their biggest asset.” “Astound is a company that continues to grow every year and I am happy to be on board and excited by our true potential.” “I appreciate this company and all they’ve done for me and would recommend them.”

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Hear what one employee says about working at this company, by clicking here.



Employees said: “I truly feel that at Brightline I am a valued member of the company and that they want me to succeed.” “It’s a great environment and there’s always something different happening every day.” “No two days are alike and that’s something I really value about working here.”

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Employees said: “Awesome company to work for.  Everyone respects one another and enjoys coming to work.” “We like to work hard and play hard.” “We have Friday socials.” “Every day is a learning experience, and every day I feel better about my employer than I did the day before.”

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Employees said: “The job is rewarding and challenging.” “The supportive atmosphere… allows all of us to be more productive and happy with our careers.” “The office doesn’t have a ‘corporate machine’ feel to it.” “There’s no dress code, we have pets running around, music is played.”

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Employees said: “An overall general feeling of concern for individual performance on a personal and professional level.” “We have fun, we acknowledge each other, we celebrate and we value each person.” “My coworkers take pride in their work … while maintaining a company culture that makes coming to work fun and productive.”

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Employees said: “I feel lucky to be a part of this organization.” “It’s a special place.” “… breaks the mold of how corporate environments are supposed to be.” “… talented, positive people.” “The culture is that of respect and affection.  We value humility, commitment and kindness.”

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This story appeared in the April 2015 issue


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