One Way to Target Baby Boomers? Focus on Adventure

One Way to Target Baby Boomers? Focus on Adventure

One Way to Target Baby Boomers? Focus on Adventure

Millennials are often characterized as the generation of adventurers and experience seekers. But according to new survey data, Baby Boomers share these traits, too, and their preferences for travel may very well influence how event marketers build event experiences and develop engagement strategies targeted to them.

Conducted by international luxury travel network Virtuoso, the survey explored how the “demand for active experiences” is soaring particularly among couples, with Iceland, Ecuador (Galápagos Islands) and Costa Rica and Chile (Patagonia) among the top three “adventure destinations” gaining in popularity. It also found that the largest number of adventure travelers—41 percent—are Baby Boomers between the ages of 50 and 65. The remaining breakdown: 24 percent between the ages of 35 and 50; 21 percent, 65 and older; and 14 percent under 35.

The types of experiences these “adventure travelers” crave: challenges and bucket list cross-offs; authentic cultural experiences (rather than sightseeing); health-conscious activities and the outdoors; and opportunities to indulge in passions from fine food to art.

Source: Virtuoso Survey Uncovers Latest Trends in Adventure Travel


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