2007 Event Marketing Dream Team - Event Marketer

2007 Event Marketing Dream Team – Event Marketer

2007 Event Marketing Dream Team

If we sold our screenplays hit it big and started our own brand… here’s who we’d hire

The tide has officially turned. Marketing departments have traditionally been treated as silo-based channels of brand managers. No more. Today’s marketers from the bottom to the top of their companies’ food chains are now as horizontal as they are focused. No matter what the title they’re getting more integrated more strategic and smarter by the day. They’re focused on internal and external branding and leveraging all elements of experiential marketing as the lead weapons used to win the white-hot fight for customer loyalty. There’s a new breed of marketer taking form across Corporate America—and this business will never be the same. But as usual sweet reader we digress.

After six months of interviews office debates and reference calls we’ve come back once again with our annual Dream Team the marketers we would hire if we quit the magazine business started our own brand and had to staff up a marketing department. All are seasoned all are creative and every single one is leveraging live events as the face of their evolving brands. Never in the history of marketing has the individual and collective worth of a marketing department been so critical. We’ve stacked ours with the best this industry has to offer. Introducing the 2007 Event Marketing Dream Team: If we could have anybody then we want them. Game on.

Rohan Oza
Dream Team title: Chief Marketing Officer

Jeffrey Fulgham

Dream Team title: Executive VP-Global Marketing

Judah Zeigler

Dream Team title: Senior Vice President-Marketing

Jim Daniels

Dream Team title: Vice President-Marketing

Sharon Brown

Dream Team title: Director-Sponsorships

Rob Aston

Dream Team title: Director-Trade Shows and Corporate Events

Douglas Freeland

Dream Team title: Director-Consumer Marketing

Jeff Johnson

Dream Team title: Director-Green Initiatives

Carrie McElwee

Dream Team title: Public Relations Manager

Andrew Coates

Dream Team title: Marketing Manager

Lorena Mendez

Dream Team title: Brand Manager

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