2007 EM Dream Team: Jeffrey Fulgham – Event Marketer

2007 EM Dream Team: Jeffrey Fulgham – Event Marketer

2007 EM Dream Team: Jeffrey Fulgham

Jeffrey Fulgham
Dream Team title: Executive VP-Global Marketing
Current position: Chief Marketing Officer GE Water
Why we want him: As cmo at GE Water he is helping refineries power plants and municipalities evaluate and improve their use of water arguably the world’s most important natural resource. Fulgham speaks in a language technical people understand and is quickly moving dollars from trade shows into events.

Fulgham not only works on water he plays on it too. An avid boater skier sailor and scuba diver he admits he just plain likes being around good ol’ H20. One thing he doesn’t like however is seeing it go to waste. “It pains me to see people without water and what a burden that is and how we take it for granted in the developed world ” he says. That sentiment and being in the position to make a difference is what gets him going in the morning.

Fulgham’s passion for water is born of expertise honed during his long career in the industry mostly in sales. He started with a competitor after graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State then ran a pool and spa retail business with his folks. A stint at BetzDearborn focused him on the power industry and large entities such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and Southern Company. He shifted into marketing 10 years ago fine-tuning his understanding of the market where it was headed and the role of deregulation eventually rising to become BetzDearborn’s global industry director of marketing. When that company was acquired by GE in 2002 he led new product introductions and later industry and product marketing. He became cmo a year ago.

Since then he has streamlined the marketing department changing its modus operandi from tactical to strategic. Four marketing groups—segmentation commercial and technical training business intelligence and marketing communications—report to him. “We’ve adjusted to meet the needs of the business which I think is a good thing ” he says.

That change and last year’s successful World Water Tour are testaments to Fulgham’s creativity and imagination. While he credits the tour as a collective idea he describes himself as its passionate mouthpiece. “All of us get frustrated with the time and money it takes to get a tiny share of a customer at a trade show ” he says so last year he took the proprietary show across North America. Next up: stops in Bahrain Beijing Brussels Singapore Shanghai and cities in India. “I want to be able to make a difference ” Fulgham says. Looks like he’s making quite a splash.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@whitfieldjordan

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