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Software AG ‘Streams’ Highlight Focus on Efficiency

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Year: 2011

Faced with the challenge of creating an immersive experience around complex concepts like “business process management solutions,” German software company Software AG used its new 800-square-foot booth at CeBIT to make its marketing message accessible and appealing.

The concept was translated spatially so that visitors could experience the seamless and efficient “stream” of information Software AG provides. Visitors to the trade show were, in effect, treated like data streams that needed to be organized. The booth opened toward the center of the hall to attract and hold one large visitor stream and then, in the spirit of process management, organized attendees into six different spotlight tours, or streams, based on their target profiles. A “reference walk” stream, for instance, presented attendees with successful client projects. The “sustainable energy” stream illustrated the optimized process of power distribution.

A two-story, curved-back building and a connected product island served as the exhibit’s focal point. Cool blue graphics, clean white fixtures and furniture, undulating structural shapes and more than 1,200 feet of LED media reinforced the company’s core message of speed and efficiency.

The new approach wowed the international press, generating comprehensive global coverage across all media. Clients seemed to get it, too. Said one: “The design was impressive. And it really communicated how SAG will benefit our business.”

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