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Doritos Hosts a ‘Bold’ Dining Experience at 137 Feet

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Year: 2017

Plenty of brands label their event campaigns as “bold” these days, but few can walk the talk. Doritos is one of them. The brand’s Bold View experience at Super Bowl 50 took football to new heights (literally) when a group of 25 fans were surprised with a world-class meal prepared by celebrity chef Matt O’Neil as they watched the big game from a table suspended 137 feet in the air. Mission to extend Doritos’ “for the bold” narrative, generate shareable content and offer an unrivaled experience? Accomplished. The brand even shattered the Guinness World Record for tallest suspended football party. Fortune favors the bold, after all.

To find the courageous souls who would ultimately participate in the Bold View engagement, Doritos sent an ambassador to the NFL Experience at San Francisco’s Moscone Center to approach fans with a few simple questions: Are you bold? Would you drop whatever plans you have for Super Bowl Sunday to join us in a bold experience? Those who opted in (mostly millennials) were contacted and asked to meet downtown the following morning, where a bus was waiting to whisk them away to Santa Clara (just outside Levi’s Stadium), for a sky-high dining experience. Along the way, intrigue continued to grow as participants viewed branded skywriting that spelled “Doritos: For the Bold” over the stadium.

At the activation site, attendees strapped themselves in and indulged in the views of Super Bowl 50’s opening ceremonies as they were hoisted up into the evening sky. Throughout the event, fans experienced the sights and sounds of both the live game and television footage of the competition being broadcast from center screens. Chef O’Neil served up a multi-course meal featuring Doritos-inspired dishes created exclusively for the event, as a director from film production company The Original Chicken Boy captured all the action using a rig designed specifically for the Bold View shoot. The brand also ensured attendees could capture and share the experience in real time on their social channels by securing wi-fi at 137 feet.

During the game, Doritos extended the experience to digital consumers by live-streaming the event from its Twitter/Periscope account. It was the first time a brand’s Periscope live-stream showed up in its news feed as a video, versus a traditional link to watch the stream live from another window.

Executing the world’s boldest Super Bowl party was no easy task. The effort required 200-foot cranes for setup, along with special clearance from the NFL and Homeland Security, among others. But boy was it worth it. Video content of the experience earned 717,000 views, while the program as a whole generated 280 million impressions. Looks like the sky really is the limit.

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