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Chevy Transforms an L.A. Hotel into a 3D Arcade Game

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Year: 2012

Chevy gave consumers in Hollywood a taste of movie magic last December when it transformed the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles into a three-dimensional Augmented Reality experience called the Chevy Sonic Claw Game. The multimedia showstopper was designed to bring the Sonic brand’s disruptive and irreverent personality to life on a large enough scale that the local excitement would turn into viral reach on a national level.

The automaker created the illusion of the building morphing into the interactive game with a battery of innovative imaging tech and, moreover, used gaming software to make it playable for consumers in real time, and with real prizes, including a Chevy Sonic as the grand prize. One lane of Hollywood Boulevard was closed, and Chevy used the space to set up a four-foot joystick controller for the game, which was styled like a Sonic’s gear lever.

When the event began, consumers lined up to register for game play, and then got up on the podium where they saw the five-minute 3D transformation of the building into the game machine. Once the show was over, the game began. Players spent about 20 minutes trying to snag a prize, and then the cycle began again until 11 p.m. each day. The effects were created using a Green Hippo HippotizerHD system that organized a 3D map of the hotel façade created in 3D CAD with the animated effects that were mapped onto the original surface and blended the real and virtual images into a seamless show.

The Hippotizer (god, how we love that name!) is a data network communications system, effects controller, media encoder, digital screen wrap, LED pixel mapper, systems synchronizer and media manager all in one. Chevy used the Hippotizer system to organize the media files, blend the projector images, warp the final animation playback image to match the hotel architecture and adjust the game output to the architecture.

The game itself was built with a custom gaming solution and the image was output through Barco FML HD20 high output projectors. The 24 Barcos produced over 20,000 ANSI Lumens each and together covered 16,000 square feet of the hotel’s exterior. To outwit the 3D projection hurdle of grainy images because of the vast amount of detail, the brand projected an overlapping grid of images that were blended together to create one image output.

This allowed the Green Hippo system to alter small sections of the overall image output to perfectly align the animated content, resulting in a super-realistic illusion of depth and movement. Over the two nights of the event, more than 20,000 people shared the experience, resulting in more than 200,000 social media posts.

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