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BlackBerry and RIM Boosts Awareness on U2 Tour

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Year: 2009

BlackBerry hit the road on the U2 360 World Tour with multiple objectives in mind. One: reach a global audience and change the perception that its smartphone is only for the business user. Two: give RIM business units an opportunity to use the sponsorship as a corporate hospitality perk (key clients were treated to a VIP space with premier concert seating) and drive sales with tour incentive employee packages. Three: engage the U2 fan base through a BlackBerry smartphone U2 Mobile Album application that included exclusive band content, behind the scenes tour information and downloadable music.

In addition to extensive signage at each stop, RIM hired 2,300 local brand ambassadors and styled them up to greet guests at the concert doors with product in hand. For further engagement, it added technology pods where consumers could spend time with the devices while staff answered questions. To touch even more people, custom-designed GEM cars modeled after the tech pods roamed the premises.

According to the company’s on-site exit interviews, more than 80 percent of concert attendees were aware that BlackBerry was the event sponsor. And total impressions went through the roof, topping 650 million.

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