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Road Shows: Motorola Rolls Mobile Tour For Two-way Radios

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Motorola is taking a new line of digital two-way radios on the road to government and commercial customers with the just-launched Motodriven tour.
The tour on behalf of the company’s networks and enterprise sector is aimed at introducing the products—as well as new public safety technology—to a customer base that largely is still using old-format analog equipment. “We’re finding out that advertising is not hitting the mark anymore for our types of products ” Mark Prioletti manager-channel marketing at Motorola told Buzz. “So it’s an effort to get to our end users and let them see the technology we have to offer.”
The new marketing tack also made sense because of evolving purchasing responsibilities at Moto’s corporate customers. “In some cases IT officers are making the purchasing decisions unlike in the past when we had communications people making purchasing decisions and one problem is getting in the door to see [the new decision-makers] ” Prioletti said. “We thought why not take [the presentation] right to them?”
Traveling aboard a 53-foot rig the road show is hosting customers prospects and the dealer sales force. The vehicle made its first stops earlier this month with another dozen planned by year-end; a full schedule is planned for 2007. Motorola also is considering using the vehicle as its exhibit at police fire department and public-safety trade shows. Agencies: Mobility Resource Associates St. Clair Shores MI; Pico Chicago Round Lake Beach IL.


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