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Cause Marketing: Panasonic’s Oxyride Underwrites Bunny Neutering

Panasonic’s Oxyride brand took a not-so-subtle swipe at competitor Energizer with its Neuter Your Bunny campaign funding the procedure for five rabbits at a New York City veterinarian’s office on June 15.

The brand worked with the House Rabbit Society for the initiative seeking out bunny owners on web sites such as to nominate their pets for the procedure. Panasonic used a branded vehicle the “Neuter Scooter”—c’mon what else could they have possibly called it?—to help promote and created a microsite that listed the benefits of bunny neutering and compared the performance of Oxyride batteries with Energizer Max batteries.

“We wanted to have a cause around our battery technology to link it to some public awareness campaign and to raise public awareness of our Oxyride battery ” Brian Kimberlin director-marketing Panasonic Battery Corp. of North America told Buzz.

The brand will be a part of Panasonic’s exhibit at the Dew Action Sports Tour this year starting with the first stop this weekend in Louisville KY. Agency: Renegade Marketing New York City.


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