Turn Your Next Business Trip Into an Idea-Generating Adventure With These Under-the-Radar Attractions

Working in the event industry is not for the faint of heart, but one of the perks of the biz is the opportunity to travel. Problem is, event marketers often spend their down time returning emails or planning their next meeting rather than taking advantage of their surroundings. That’s where EM comes in.

Our “Experiential In” series offers curated lists of lesser-known attractions in a variety of cities, from sunny Palm Springs to the Big Apple. We mine our sources in each locale for sites of inspiration, calling out experiences like the chance to tour Nashville’s famous men’s bathroom or participate in Denver’s Puff, Pass & Paint classes. If you’re an experience builder looking for a quick dose of professional development, follow along as we bring you the best experiences you never knew existed across the U.S.

  • Experiential In… Palm Springs

    Ahhhh, sunny Palm Springs. It’s a retro “Mad Men”-era oasis, LGBTQ friendly, with endless spas and resorts and plenty of personality for the spunky event industry.

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  • Experiential In… Baltimore

    With Baltimore native Sandra O’Loughlin at the helm, this month we sail into some of the hidden delights of Charm City.

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  • Experiential In… Seattle

    It’s the home of (really good) coffee, salty dogs and the Space Needle. And Mt. Rainier looms in the distance as a constant reminder that in the Northwest, big mountains, and equally big inspiration, lies at your doorstep.

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  • Experiential In… Nashville

    With the sold-out CMA Music Festival taking place in June, in addition to Bonnaroo (in Manchester, TN, about an hour away), we decided to focus on Music City to uncover a few high notes worth hitting if you’re in town.

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  • Experiential In… Denver

    Our Curated List of Not-So-Tourist Attractions for the Idea-Seeking Event Marketer Traveling on business? Have a half-day to yourself? In this series, we explore popular event destinations and mine our… LOGIN Please contact [email protected] if you are unable to login. Forgot Password?

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  • Experiential In… New York City

    Traveling on business? Have a half-day to yourself? In this brand new series, we’ll mine America’s best-known cities for lesser-known sites of inspiration...

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