January 13, 2015

Open House Events Help Sell a Luxury Lifestyle

Real estate agents used to tempt potential homebuyers with a plate of freshly baked cookies. Agents of high-end properties in Florida, however, are taking a cue from the experiential industry and selling luxury through open house events. Some are hiring Saks Fifth Avenue models to offer a spritz of perfume in the master bath. Others...

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November 24, 2014

What You Missed at EventTech 2014, Part Two

Our Final Recap of the Best Quotes, Tips and Ideas The EventTech Late Night Party at the Museum of Neon may have gone into the wee hours Tuesday night, but that didn’t stop attendees from showing up fired up for the last day of the show. (We dare you to try to out party an...

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November 18, 2014

What You Missed at EventTech 2014, Part One

Highlights, Insights and The Best Stuff Seen and Heard at EventTech 2014 For one hearty bunch of learners, Day One at EventTech 2014 kicked off with two pre-conference workshops: a “right brain” session on creating better ideas and a “left brain” session on thriving in the digital age. In the right brain workshop, Shawn Coyne,...

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November 11, 2014

Serving Up a Slice of the $50 Billion Pop-Up Industry

A new study out by PopUp Republic, a social media marketing company, has put a dollar value on the pop-up industry: $50 billion, according to sales figures it compiled. Considering the total annual U.S. retail market is projected at $4.5 trillion, and the online retail market at $300 billion, pop-ups then appear to be “a...

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November 3, 2014

Sponsorship: What’s New in the Sports Landscape

To get a better sense of what’s shaking in the sports sponsorship landscape, Event Marketer visited the one-day AVIDsummit on Oct. 23 at the Harvard Club in New York City, a venue so hallowed, even the mahogany on the walls was impressed with itself. The plan for the new event from creator SponsorHub was to...

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