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Zyrtec Brings Springtime to Central Park in January

On Jan. 24 allergy drug Zyrtec became available nationwide without a prescription. To mark the occasion in a primary market Zyrtec turned a frigid four days in January (Jan. 24-Jan. 27) into an immersive springtime stroll through New York City’s Central Park. The 8 100-square-foot Spring Wonderland Dome invited families to park their strollers grab some hot cocoa wander into a springtime scene and get involved with the “outdoor” activities.

In the center of the dome musicians played throughout the day on a full-sized gazebo. (EM staffers caught a warm-weather-style reggae band.) Along the circular faux grass path attendees could get dog training tips from expert Andrea Arden check out a gardening workshop hang out in a couch-filled story time lounge play Tiger Woods PGA Tour at one of two Wii stations take a green-screen photo holding a giant dandelion (and pick up the photo online) or hop on an almost full-sized indoor carousel. Or visitors could just cop a squat on a park bench without freezing to death.

Zyrtec partnered locally with Duane Reade stores and gave the chain’s rewards cardholders points for stopping at one of six kiosks on the way into the dome. Zyrtec allergy facts were posted throughout the dome and on the way out attendees could turn in a fun allergy fact quiz and recieve a green Zyrtec umbrella. Agency: RedPeg Marketing Westport CT.


Photo Credit: unsplash.com/@melindapack

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