Women in Events Share Their Must-Have Career Skills – Event Marketer

Women in Events Share Their Must-Have Career Skills – Event Marketer
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Women in Events Share Their Must-Have Career Skills

Now, more than ever, it is imperative for women to prove their value as event marketers in the marketplace. They need to think beyond traditional event tactics and become more strategic. They need to be able to prove the ROI on the events they execute. In short, they need to think like marketers.

Following is a checklist of the skills women need to develop in order to fulfill their evolving roles as marketers. The list is based on feedback from the women we invited to participate in Event Marketer’s annual Women in Events roundtables, which took place over three separate occasions in New York City and Silicon Valley. Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say:


1. Know Your Stuff

“You’ve got to know your product really well because if you don’t know your product and your audience, you can really suck at this job.”

–Erin Keating, senior manager-experiential marketing, Audi of America

2. Study The Market

“Be able to dive into the market research and into the science to derive insights then apply that to what you are doing. Figure out which factors you should be measuring. As women, we have a pretty strong intuition.”

–Amy Green, marketing development specialist, Ford Motor Co.

3. Make Data-Driven Decisions

“Every event marketer should use data to drive decision making. I think it is easy to get into a space where you are doing the same four events and you decide that you know what your audience wants, but bringing data into it and [making] data-driven decisions feels like it is relatively new in the events space.”

–Jill Daggett, director of business operations, Microsoft

4. Sharpen Your Marketing Skills

“It is really important to have a context of where an event fits in an overall marketing mix. Try your hand at PR, at advertising. The more you get an experience in the marketing discipline outside of events, the better event marketer you will be.”

–Kate Kerner, senior director-global events, Oracle

5. Take Risks

“In general, you’re going to make the biggest impact with the biggest risks. Live events are so scary as it is, there are so many things that can go wrong, that it’s really a lot more comfortable to play it safe and stick with the model you know. But risk-taking is a lot more fulfilling and the impact is a lot greater.”

–Pam Dzieraznowski, vp event marketing, Patrón Spirits

6. Forge Emotional Connections

“An event marketer is responsible for telling a business story through an experience—how people resonate with the highs, the lows, and all senses, to be able to learn how to engage whoever your target audience is through emotion.”

–Stacy Lambatos, senior director-event marketing and strategy, AOL

7. Dig Into Digital

“Know how to use every single social media tool. The better you understand how to harness the social media tools the easier it is for you to garner word of mouth. Learn how to use it but also monitor conversations in real time so you can optimize your event and gain some learnings as you are activating.”

–Christine Ngo, digital brand manager, Mountain Dew

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