DigitalEXP-Logo_gray_with_tagline copyCORE CAPABILITIES: DigitalEXP by Pinnacle — a robust, virtual platform built to actually engage your audience. Offering best-in-class technology and services, DigitalEXP is one of the most versatile, engaging and effective virtual solutions available for brands. On the platform we create purpose-driven, 3D experiences that empower your audience to control their own journey.

KEY FEATURES: DigitalEXP has all the features and integrations you’ll need to tell your story and engage your audience. Build connections through real-time chat and video plus attendee matchmaking and networking opportunities. Leverage both live and on-demand content. Enable content downloads, meeting scheduling, in-experience point of sale and notifications.

ATTENDEE ENGAGEMENT TOOLS: Attendees are immersed in the event and empowered to engage, their way. Giving attendees the freedom to explore transforms attendance into real conversation. Our audience engagement tools are tailored for each brand experience and include options to reach brand representatives, connect with attendees, and share on their own networks, all in the moment.

ANALYTICS CAPABILITIES: From traffic heat maps to user demographics and behavior data, you’ll know who your guests are and how they’re experiencing your event. Real-time analytics track activity of each guest at every touchpoint allowing for on-the-fly optimization. We analyze and leverage insights to drive continuous improvement.

PRICING: Quotes available upon request.

CLIENT LIST: Some DigitalEXP clients include: Canon Medical Systems, NIKE, Magna International, Snowflake, Eyeque, The Marketing Arm, Vocera, Zscaler, Hunter Industries, Travere Therapeutics, Zeiss, Mindray, UBER

CLIENT CASE STUDY SNAPSHOT: Using DigitalEXP, we created the Canon Museum of Medical Art. 2000 guests from over 87 countries participated during RSNA. Nine product galleries feature content at every turn—the space, effectively 68,000 sq. ft., hosted 135 content hot spots and 2000+ multimedia assets. The results? Fantastic visitor participation through hundreds of live demos, thousands of chat sessions and tens of thousands of impressions. The experience is still live and used as a marketing, recruiting and sales tool open to visit at any time.

ONE CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: “Pinnacle delivered a next-level virtual event experience that transcended any other virtual event effort I have seen before.” – Francis Mao, Snowflake


Tom Maher
Senior Director, Strategy & Growth
[email protected]

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