Why Metrics Matter at Chrysler Group – Event Marketer

Why Metrics Matter at Chrysler Group – Event Marketer

Why Metrics Matter at Chrysler Group

Consumer test drives are among the most important consumer activations at Chrysler Group, says Michael Curmi, head of experiential marketing at Chrysler Group. “We’ve really amped up our effort to get consumers into our vehicles and educate them about the features and benefits and how they can fit into their lifestyle,” he says. But just as important as the test drives is how they measure up in helping Chrysler reach its consumer engagement goals.

Curmi recently discussed the importance of metrics in gauging the success of those test drives and other Chrysler marketing activities, a topic EM will cover in depth in its April issue. For now, here are three reasons why metrics matter at Chrysler:

1. Accurate targeting. “Everything we do has goals attached to it in terms of what types of information we want to collect, how many people we want to come through the activation and the type of effect we want to have on their consideration,” Curmi says. “Setting those goals and having those metrics are important for us to make sure we are utilizing corporate resources as efficiently and effectively as we can so we are targeting properly.”

2. Program improvement. “The data we collect on the back end can tell us a lot of stories that we can take into another program, or if it is a program that is a series, we can make adjustments based on that information on a stop-by-stop basis,” he says. “We find it very useful for that.”

3. Agency evaluation. “Having goals set and performance metrics during and post-activity is important so that our agency partners understand what they are shooting for and know the data around it and have some metric of success as well,” he adds.

“Data is so important for us with not only measuring where we have been but targeting where we want to go, helping us pick the right portfolio, the right activities and specific engagement points within those activities so we make good use of the consumer’s time and the space that we have,” Curmi says.

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