Think Small: Mobile Vehicles That Take Up Little Space Make a Big Impact – Event Marketer

Think Small: Mobile Vehicles That Take Up Little Space Make a Big Impact – Event Marketer

Think Small: Mobile Vehicles That Take Up Little Space Make a Big Impact

Sure a 53-foot tractor-trailer makes a big splash but it also makes a big old dent in your budget. There are always going to be times where a 53-footer makes the most sense but for some programs—such as a sampling tour—a smaller more maneuverable vehicle might be a better fit all around.
EM takes a look at four event programs that made the most out of smaller vehicles.

Disney Parks’ What Will You Celebrate Tour had the brand traveling to three zones across the country—the East the Midwest and the West. To make it work Disney needed a vehicle that would accommodate the geographical constraints and limitations of urban downtown environments where it would not always have the luxury of an expansive footprint.
“It was important that the asset created for this campaign be compact mobile and modular in its set up ” says Alex Ruiz promotions manager at Disney Parks. “We really wanted to have the flexibility of getting into locations that a traditional 18-wheeler would not accommodate.”
The solution: the brand outfitted each of the three teams with trailers attached to branded Chevy Equinox SUVs. At events the trailers flipped open to create instant countertops with three 20-foot-tall arches. The flexibility and mobility of the design allowed the brand to increase the amount of time it could stay in each location and to visit more locations each day. “The design provided our brand with the ability to interact with more guests by allowing us to be in more places ” Ruiz says. Agency: Turtle Transit Lancaster MA.

For its current sampling tour Dunkin’ customized  Toyota Yaris subcompact hatchbacks  with giant six-foot tall coffee cups off of the back. The benefits: the vehicles had a low cost-of-entry price point were easy to modify and could handle guerrilla marketing efforts as nimbly as it maneuvers fairs and festivals. The vehicles cost less to fuel and by investing in many smaller vehicles as opposed to one or two larger ones the brand could reach many more consumers simultaneously.
“The [subcompacts] are more efficient on gas “ says John Giaquinto   manager-field marketing services at Dunkin’ Donuts. “This year that wasn’t really a concern going into  it but it ended up making a huge difference. And in terms of efficiency we can send a dozen of these to a dozen different places and be in so many more places at once.”
And just because the vehicles were small didn’t mean low visual impact. Drivers often honk when they see brand ambassadors piloting them on the road from event to event and for big events the brand lines up a fleet of several of the customized cars for maximum effect. Agencies: Turtle Transit Lancaster MA.; Big Fish Promotions Glastonbury CT

This annual tour utilizes a 34-foot RV to connect the network with women that are potential or current viewers. Inside the fully customized vehicle consumers can check out a variety of built-in  spa stations where they can receive hair makeup and other beauty services. This season the tour includes a new focus on the network’s partners bringing its busload of beauty to call centers and other affiliate offices. The bus tour now in its third year will also reach women at shopping malls with services provided by beauty professionals from Garnier Fructis and Maybelline New York.
The brand-wrapped truck provides an eye-catching (and less intimidating) alternative to a 53-footer and the brand wisely takes advantage of space outside of the RV and creates a lounge area so consumers can linger for a bit.
Agency: Javelin St. Louis; Build: Pingel Display St. Louis; Wrap: Craftsmen Industries St. Louis.

When much of the action is happening outside of the vehicle the right-sized mode of transport can still pack a branding punch. Kiplinger’s for example is in the midst of the Your Money Bus Tour a year-long program co-sponsored by NAPFA and TD Ameritrade that travels to 60 cities offering free financial advice from professional financial advisors. The meat of the interaction is outside of the vehicle where planners sit and spend 10 to 20 minutes in one-on-one consults with consumers. A sign reads   “If you’ve got money questions we’ve got answers. No sales pitch.”
The bus is small enough that it’s maneuverable and easy to take to many events and at 40-feet it’s big enough to effectively operate as a moving billboard when the brand is on the road and command a presence onsite at events.Agency: Perception Gaithersburg MD. EM.


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