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Stella Artois Event Celebrates La Societe and ’60s Style

Stella Artois Event Celebrates La Societe and ’60s Style

Belgian beer brewer Stella Artois in November held an invitation-only, private event to launch La Societe, its online community. One hundred guests, who each got to bring three friends, were invited to the party, which took place in a Toronto subway station and celebrated the brand’s take on 1960s French-European style.

La Societe is a loyalty program that rewards members who link their La Societe profile to their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. When they update their status using the hashtag #laSociete, members earn points redeemable for party invitations, magazine subscriptions, art gallery openings and other rewards.

Invitees received a leather-bound box containing personalized instructions, a unique combination lock code and four subway tokens. They met at a subway station three blocks away from the party site where brand ambassadors dressed in 1960s fashion directed them to the next location. There the fun took place in four subway trains housing lounges where guests could participate in experiences inspired by 1960s art, poetry, music and dance. For instance, the art lounge featured a caricature artist who sketched black and white portraits of guests and a vintage photo booth where they could take their own photos; in the music lounge, they could create their own record cover. Once guests completed all four experiences, they used their unique locker combination to open a box and receive a chalice, which was hand engraved on-site.

Throughout the evening, guests learned how to pour their own pint of Stella Artois and competed in a contest that awarded a Stella Artois-inspired catered dinner to the winner and five guests.

“We wanted the event to raise awareness of the community, its exclusivity and the benefits its membership offers,” John Robinson, marketing manager at Stella Artois, told Buzz. “We wanted this event to cement for those in attendance the status of La Societe and to create a desire to want to be a part of it.” Agency: Mosaic XM, Chicago.


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