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Sheraton Employees Promote New Service

To create awareness for its Microsoft-powered Link@Sheraton service 600 Sheraton employees were bussed from its White Plains New York Starwood headquarters to work from Central Park from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sept. 15. Dubbing it the Sheraton Global Out of the Office Day the company organized similar events that day at locations in Sydney Australia; Shanghai China; and Lisbon Portugal. The stunts were meant to attract media to get Link@Sheraton a new lobby service that gives the guests a place to hop online access free Wi-Fi and print boarding passes on the radar of business travelers searching for a hotel that meets their work/life balance needs.

“The purpose of the event was to leverage the press to help get the message out ” Brian Povinelli vp-brand management at Sheraton told Buzz. “We chose Central Park because it’s in the media capital of the world. Part of our whole lobby redesign is inspired by the democracy and sociability that parks have so it seemed a perfect match for this event.”

Sheraton and its partners for the event—Microsoft and Pepsi—took over the Mineral Spring area of Central Park (adjacent to Sheep Meadow) where it set up four Linked stations. That morning all three brands rang the New York Stock Exchange bell which was simultaneously rung at Central Park to get employees revved up.

The four on-site stations featured three areas: a casual work area with leather couches chairs coffee tables and TVs broadcasting CNBC’s business news; a conference area with 20 tables where employees could sign up to run meetings on the hour; a stage area where inspirational speakers delivered speeches and a fitness instructor from Core Fitness (offered at Sheraton) engaged the crowd with morning and afternoon exercises; and a cafe serving Pepsi beverages and snacks.

The setup also featured an area where folks could surf the Internet and use a web camera to record a video postcard to send to friends and family (perfect for road warriors). Employees were given beach towels to set up shop with their laptop. Agency: Jack Morton Worldwide New York City.


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