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Reebok’s ‘Flashy’ Concept Store

Reebok in November launched Reebok Flash the British sportswear company’s first pop-up store. The 3 000-square-foot space located in an art gallery on the Bowery on New York City’s Lower East Side is inspired by the pop spirit of the ‘80s recalling the decade when the brand rose to prominence with iconic sneaker styles such as the Pump and the Freestyle. The store will be open daily through Dec. 15.

 Designed to look like an art installation the pop-up store is colored in vibrant hues. It combines the vibrant aesthetic of Vorticism an English arts movement in the early 20th century noted for its Cubist and Futurist influences with ‘80s cultural cues ranging from Purple Rain to Miami Vice Flash Dance to Thriller.

Besides the Pump and the Freestyle and other popular sneaker collections from the ‘80s the retail space features limited-edition sneakers and exclusive apparel collections designed in collaboration with visual artists Rolland Berry John Maeda and the estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat.

“Eighties fashion is coming back and Reebok is taking this opportunity to relaunch these shoes ” Sebastien Agneessens founder and creative director of Formavision which designed the space told Buzz. “They wanted to do something artistic so we took the brand to a new place between branding and art.” Agency: Formavision New York City.

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