Perrier Launches An Artsy Bottle Collection - Event Marketer

Perrier Launches An Artsy Bottle Collection – Event Marketer
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Perrier Launches An Artsy Bottle Collection

Perrier on Sept. 25 uncapped its new limited-edition street art collection of bottles and cans with a launch party at Colossal Media Group’s warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. The event showcased nine original designs by three artists—JonOne, who hails from New York City; Sasu, from Japan; and Kobra, from Sao Paulo, Brazil—and engaged the press, VIPs and influencers in attendance with an interactive gallery and other experiences.

The 150-year-old brand is hoping the street art connection will resonate with younger consumers ages 25 to 40 around the globe. “Street art is the expression of freedom and you can express yourself the way you want, and that is what the Perrier brand personality is about, being daring,” says Priya Shenoy, marketing manager at Perrier Group. “We have always supported artists like Dali, Andy Warhol and other global artists in the past.”

Attendees entered the warehouse past a non-traditional step-and-repeat created from chain link fencing. The space was branded with Perrier signage and a chandelier made from its iconic green glass bottles hung above the bar. Guests could tap into their inner street artist using “spray” cans (they didn’t actually contain spray paint) on an interactive graffiti wall. Each of the real artists also had their own area for their artistic expression. In Kobra’s space, models dressed in his vibrant designs posed with attendees who could upload the images to their social channels. Attendees could draw on large Plexiglas screens in JonOne’s area with acrylic markers. Sasu’s area recreated the feminine floral aspect of her designs with a kaleidoscopic projection on a white backdrop in an outside garden.

As an extension of the program, Perrier has commissioned Colossal Media to hand-paint 10 outdoor murals across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago and Los Angeles. Social media support includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Agency: Mirrorball, NYC.

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