Organic Valley's Pop-Up Coffee Shop Has a Catch

Organic Valley Pop-Up Charges for a Taste of its Product – Event Marketer
Organic Valley's Pop-up Coffee Shop Comes with a Price

Organic Valley Pop-Up Charges for a Taste of its Product

Organic Valley, the natural foods brand, for two days in April activated a pop-up coffee shop in New York City’s Nolita neighborhood to promote its Half & Half cream product. Writer and food stylist Sweet Paul hosted the event and Gerrit van Tol, an organic farmer from Washington state, talked about cows and organic farming. This was a coffee shop with a twist, however—the coffee was free, but consumers paid $2 for the half & half.

“Coffee shops don’t give their product away for free, so why should we? If people wanted to try our organic half & half, they would need to pay for it. They could then add the coffee to their half & half for free,” says Tripp Hughes, director of brand management at Organic Valley, although he did plan to give the product away if people didn’t want to pay for it. But no one protested. “Most people appreciated the fun experience and wanted to learn how our half & half is made,” Hughes says.

The strategy worked so well that Organic Valley is considering opening more locations in the future. Agencies: Humanaut, Chattanooga, TN; Pink Sparrow Scenic, Brookyn, NY (build).


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The $2 per pour didn’t deter the customers who kept the pop-up coffee bar hopping over the two-day period.

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