Nissan’s Leaf Tour Generates 20,000 Pre-Orders - Event Marketer

Nissan’s Leaf Tour Generates 20,000 Pre-Orders – Event Marketer

Nissan’s Leaf Tour Generates 20,000 Pre-Orders

Thanks in part to the success of Nissan’s Drive Electric mobile tour, the automaker has secured 20,000 pre-orders of it’s new Leaf, the first mass-produced, 100-percent electric vehicle. Drive Electric launched on Oct. 1, will continue until the end of March and then will relaunch again this spring.

Consumers can preregister for the tour experience online or register on-site at the event.
The entire experience is housed in about half a dozen glass-walled tents, surrounding the ride-and-drive course. The first stop on the tour is the Battery Room, which explains the battery system and the requirements for charging the car. Next up is the Sexy Science room, where wall graphics and video tell the story of the technological innovations that led to the Leaf. The 100 Mile Room allows consumers to use a web tool to illustrate that the car’s range is right for most people and their daily lives.

Then it’s on to the ride and drive. In pre-flight, consumers explore the cabin to get familiar with the console, mouse and controls before getting in the car. Next, consumers drive the Leaf on both closed and street courses with brand ambassadors on hand to highlight key attributes and features. After the drive, a video booth helps the new “Leafers” record their reactions to their first-ever test-drives of the all-electric vehicle. There is also a photo op with the car and video contest where attendees record a short plea as to why they should win a Nissan Leaf. In the last area, known as the Recharge Lounge, consumers get a chance to relax and grab a snack, while asking questions of on- site representatives from local utility companies.

“We want to leverage the Leaf as the ultimate proof point that Nissan is a technology and innovation leader,” Erich Marx, director of marketing, communications and media at Nissan, told Buzz. “Leaf is a halo for us. We have found that people need to see the Leaf to believe that this is really a buyable car.” Agency: GMR Marketing, New Berlin, WI.

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