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Mutual of Omaha Seeks ‘Aha’ Moments

Mutual of Omaha in May will visit 25 cities in 24 states to collect “aha” moments from real people. An aha moment is a vision of clarity and wisdom, some might call it an “epiphany” or “light-bulb” moment, that impacts one’s life in a positive way, such as deciding on a new career or to return to school.

This is the second year for the tour, which last year sent a custom, 34-foot mobile tv studio to 25 cities to record more than 1,000 people sharing their aha moment on camera. The moments were posted on a website, Ten of those moments became tv commercials chosen last September by a nationwide vote; Mutual of Omaha added another six spots. The ads launched during the Winter Olympics and will run through July. This year, the tour will visit a different roster of cities. It also has added a Facebook page to promote the tour; tour staffers will blog and tweet about the events.

“We learned last year that this tour really resonates well within the social media space,” Andrew Rouillard, vp-brand management and advertising at Mutual of Omaha, told Buzz. “The entire campaign is a way for Mutual of Omaha to get in front of a new audience in a positive, fresh and different way. There are a lot of positive stories out there and we have the products and services that can insure possibilities, so that some of these aha moments actually become reality or they continue.”

The tour, which kicks off on May 3 at Fulton Mall in Fresno, CA, will spend two days in high-traffic areas such as the Power & Light district in Kansas City or Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo before wrapping on Aug. 17 at Fifth Street Public Market in Eugene, OR. A tour producer, technician, assistant producer and driver will accompany the truck, which traveled 7,000 miles last year and will travel 7,800 this year.

People can log onto to secure a time to record their moment or stop by the trailer from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Aha moments will be shared at Participants receive a souvenir clapboard and a link to their edited video to share with friends. Agency: Skadaddle Media, Sausalito, CA

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