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Mootopian Oasis Touts Benefits of Milk

The California Milk Processor Board this summer is supplementing a year-long ad campaign called Mootopia with experiential lounges that are traveling throughout the state to surf and volleyball competitions, state fairs, outdoor malls and other high-traffic areas.

Mootopia is a land where milk flows through streams and waterfalls, and its citizens, the Mootopians, are exceptionally fine physical specimens with strong muscles, great teeth and shiny, healthy hair—all because of milk. The lounges, called Mootopian Oasis and housed beneath cool white tents, offer activities that demonstrate the beauty and health benefits of drinking milk as exemplified in this magical land: a smoothie bar and milk refueling station; beauty and grooming services such as manicures, pedicures and hair trims and arm-wrestling competitions. Brand ambassadors dressed as Mootopians recreate the feel of the ads.

“We wanted to bring the experience of Mootopia to people’s lives in California rather than just having them watch the TV commercials or going to the website and playing the games, which is a good way to experience it and a fun way, but we wanted to bring it to life,” Steve James, executive director at CMPB, told Buzz. “We felt that in California especially it made sense since we are an outdoor, sunshine, summertime, health-conscious population here.”

The effort launched in June at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Water Park in Valencia and traveled to Huntington Beach, Venice Beach and Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles before moving on to outdoor shopping centers and fairgrounds in Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. It wraps on August 22 at Riverpark Shopping Center in Fresno. Agencies: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners; Grow Marketing, both of San Francisco.

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