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EMS 2012: Microsoft's Phone Launch

EMS 2012: Microsoft’s Phone Launch

Launching a new product or program requires a big splash, immediate engagement—and ultimately sales. Marketers have to create buzz, trial, influencer recommendation and combine them to drive sales. For the newest Windows Phone, social media and influencer events helped Microsoft’s launch campaign fire on all cylinders, creating reach, frequency and recommendation. At the Event marketing Summit in Chicago (April 30-May 2), Molly O’Donnell, director-influencer marketing at Microsoft gave attendees a tour of the Windows Night Market program, handled by Dallas-based Mosaic Experiential Marketing, and served up tips and advice for using influencer channels and digital elements in future product launch programs.

“We set out to influence the social influencers,” O’Donnell said. That means: tech journalists and bloggers. The goal was to increase their familiarity with the phone and operating system and move the needle on their likeliness to recommend the device to their readers.

Microsoft started “fishing where the fish are” by doing some Facebook sponsored stories, ultra targeted at the journalists who have the most clout in the mobile device space. This initiative alone pulled in 60 percent of the launch event’s attendees.  The brand launched in five markets and 10 locations (two per market). The events were full of demos and activations, and all of that experience added up to three full demos per attendee, 10,000 new consumer opt-ins on-site, and a social media reach of more than 23 million. Listening yet?

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