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Magic Moments

Fact: Photo activation is certainly no spring chicken in the event space.
But don’t knock it baby. When done right it’s still one of the most tried and true strategies for attracting people to your footprint collecting valuable consumer data and keeping attendees engaged with your brand post-event. If leveraged correctly it can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship with consumers who ideally will visit your website to retrieve their photos give you some valuable data about themselves and opt in for more information. Following three examples of brands using photo and video activations to take customer interactions up a notch.

The Home Depot. When do-it-yourselfers aren’t busy updating their kitchens or repainting their bedrooms many are at NASCAR events or attending college football games. When football fans have their photos taken at the ESPN/The Home Depot College Game Day exhibit the card they receive to access their photo from also functions as a Home Depot mystery gift card worth between $1 and $1 000 giving them an added incentive to go get that picture. After they complete a survey and retrieve their photo fans receive additional branded messaging via a thank-you email. (Handling agency: Octagon Norwalk CT; Photo partner: eshots Chicago.)

Elsewhere a Home Depot Trackside mobile marketing unit goes to NASCAR events and retail stores where fans can have their photos taken inside the No. 20 Home Depot racecar. When they download the image at they can opt in to receive the retailer’s biweekly newsletter for updates on upcoming events and Home Depot promotions (handling agency: Octagon Norwalk CT; Photo partner: Picture Marketing Novato CA). The photo retrieval page also features NASCAR driver Tony Stewart who addresses consumers and encourages them to sign up for the offers.

“By increasing subscribers to the newsletter we’re able to reach more fans ” says Katherine Cornelius sports marketing manager at The Home Depot. “Increasing the number of subscribers is pivotal.” And it all starts with that simple photo.

Evian. The French water brand’s pink-and-white booth at this year’s U.S. Open scored an ace with tennis fans who got to spritz themselves with a Limited Edition James Blake Brumisateur a facial spray in an atomizer bottle designed by the tennis champ. They could enter a twice-daily drawing to win prizes such as autographed James Blake memorabilia tickets to next year’s Open a meal at a chic New York restaurant and a supply of Evian.
But the most fun had to be the chance to create their own Evian commercial a first in Evian’s 23-year history as a U.S. Open sponsor (handling agency: Factory 360 New York City; Photo partner: Catch the Moment Houston TX). Half of the booth was set up like a studio where fans could act out one of three light-hearted scripts themed around the brand’s key attributes—its spokesperson Blake the celebrity lifestyle and its source in the Alps. As the camera rolled consumers interacted with props such as an oversized Evian tennis racquet the Brumisateur a Christian Lacroix-designed Evian bottle and the new Palace bottle against a backdrop of the French Alps. Afterwards fans could visit to download their ad share it with friends or upload it to YouTube.

“This allowed them to share their experience with friends and have fun with their commercial ” says Jeff Caswell vp-marketing at Evian. “We’ve done still photos at different events but this took it to the next level as consumers could express themselves even more through the video.”

It also provided Evian a chance to drive home key marketing messages. “This helped the consumer understand the Evian story ” says Caswell. “It’s a nontraditional way of telling our story which is effective in connecting with consumers and building relevance.”
The fans could opt in to receive information on new products and about the e-commerce site About 1 000 people made commercials over the two-week period and the top three will rotate on

Oscar Mayer. Ever since the Weinermobile launched in 1936 people have been whipping out their own cameras and posing beside the famous dog. This year however the  brand was on track to meet its goal of 50 000 pictures taken on its summer tour which launched in June and wrapped last month hitting festivals fairs parades and grocery store parking lots with seven vehicles including its new mini-mobile and a new photo activation (via Picture Marketing).

Tying in with a new marketing campaign hyping beefier juicier dogs (we’re getting hungry dude) provided the platform. “We leveraged consumer insights that said people actual ly want pictures ” says Ed Roland mobile marketing manager at Kraft’s Oscar Mayer unit. “So we tied in with the news of beefier juicier hot dogs. They get their picture taken with a cut-out of the hot dogs we get our message out and we’re handing them coupons to promote trial.”

When the dog lovers go online to retrieve their photos they drag and drop items such as hats condiments and glasses to decorate the image then print download email or add it to a Facebook page for a viral component.


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