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Interactives: Jeep Gets Consumers Muddy At State Fair

DaimlerChrysler invited 120 consumers to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas to wade through 14 000 gallons of mud for the chance to win a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. “It was big fun and a little bit messy ” Carrie McElwee the brand’s senior manager-marketing p.r. told Buzz. “We thought it was the perfect venue to bring consumers to… [and] to prove how muddy they were willing to get to win.” More than 2 500 consumers signed up to participate on a microsite created for the Sept. 29 challenge.

Consumers raced to win the vehicle by digging through the mud for sticks that were marked with various point values; Jeep whittled down the 120 contestants through three rounds of competition.

Separately General Motors used the Texas fair to help launch its new Chevrolet Silverado pickup. Following an unveiling on Sept. 27 a caravan of Silverados drove to Camden NJ where this year’s Farm Aid Concert was held three days later. (Chevy is a Farm Aid sponsor.) Along the way the brand stopped in Indianapolis Nashville and Pittsburgh for street parties and to raise funds and collect goods for the organization.


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