Intel Surprises Attendees with a B-to-C Experience - Event Marketer

Intel Surprises Attendees with a B-to-C Experience – Event Marketer

Intel Surprises Attendees with a B-to-C Experience

At this year’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona (Feb. 21-March 1), Intel executed a new engagement strategy in its booth that transformed its former b-to-b program into an immersive, high-tech b-to-c experience. The 40-foot by 100-foot booth featured three key experience zones created to connect with original equipment manufacturers like Motorola, Nokia and LG, service providers like AT&T and Verizon, as well as developers and press analysts.

The three zones included “What’s in Your Pocket?” where participants shared their thoughts and photos by downloading an app and then answering multiple-choice questions. At the “User-controlled Projection Mapping” zone, attendees were encouraged to transform a blank, multi-dimensional sculpture into a dynamic art piece to reinforce how mobile devices will change in the next generation thanks to Intel technology. Intel captured attendees’ emails to send them a picture of their sculpture. The “Mobile Mix” experience paid homage to the power of group creation with a professional “table jockey” who worked with attendees to perform mobile mixes on a customized ReacTable. Objects on the table based on Intel solutions triggered electronic music tracks and audio sequences. The table jockey performed every half hour for five minutes and then attendees were invited to create their own mobile mixes. The interactions were captured on an overhead camera and displayed on a media wall. Also key was the Digital Demos, which took the place of demo stations. Each segment featured a flash-based presentation by an Intel expert using a pre-loaded tablet.
“Over the years, Intel’s been getting more and more into mobile,” Marc Wallis, events program manager at Intel, told Buzz. “Our point is to go slow and steady and get a foot in the market and show that we can compete. We’re a serious credible player and we’re in the game.” Agency: Live Marketing, Chicago.

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