From Shanghai With Love: The First-Ever CES Asia – Event Marketer

From Shanghai With Love: The First-Ever CES Asia – Event Marketer
CES Asia

From Shanghai With Love: The First-Ever CES Asia

Intel’s Victor Torregroza, Program Manager-Brand & Reputation Marketing, Sends You a Taste of the Action

A few weeks ago, I attended the debut of CES Asia at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). It was my first time in Shanghai and I was excited to experience the newest incarnation of CES.

CES Asia took over two halls (N1 and N2) of the SNIEC, with tech companies taking over N1 and automotive brands owning most of hall N2. The Consumer Electronics Association confirmed the following stats: More than 25,000 pre-registrants, 55 percent from Mainland China, 18 percent from other Asian countries, 27 percent from other parts of the world.

We didn’t know what to expect—and that was part of the excitement. The attendance was solid and the attendees themselves were incredible—young, vibrant and eager to learn. As with all trade shows, some of the experiences were “hot”… and some were “not.” I’m sharing a few photos of some of the “hot.” Hey Event Marketer, let’s roll the photos.



Queues And More Queues. The show organizer was extremely organized, using well designed and well defined lines and “queues” to direct people, control throughout and contain crowds. This is a view of the queue to get inside the registration area of the hall.



Crowd Control. Another shot of the crowds waiting to get into the show at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC).



Audi. Was a star in the automotive hall with a sexy, inviting exhibit. The element of contrast instantly beckoned you to enter their experience. The cars stood out like jewels amid the white interior. My favorite part: I was invited into an area at the rear of their booth to experience the innovation of Audi’s lighting technology. The brand delivered a visceral, cinematic experience communicating the history and innovation of their lighting technology. Visuals… gorgeous. Storyline… smart. Music… uplifting. The ending was a crescendo of lasers, color, music and lights. Bravo, Audi!



Mercedes. Featured a gorgeous concept car in a corner booth of hall N2. Soft lighting flowed from the accordion-like structure on the wall to the video showcasing the car. I visited several times during the show but the stanchions were always up (which was odd). The car was stunning.



Moshi. Creates premium accessories and peripherals for all of the consumer electronics we use today. Their exhibit in hall N1 was cool and sleek. Visitors were intrigued to peek through some of the stylish slats. Products were beautifully displayed inside the space. It was a smart use of intrigue, surprise and delight.



Digital China. Drones are so hot these days. Digital China’s exhibit in hall N1 was fun and interactive, featuring drones and other IoT technologies. A strong point of the exhibit was their use of the whole space. Brands often miss the mark by not activating the full square footage of their purchased space. My eyes were drawn to the top with their unique treatment to own the top of their signage and the hanging drones. Smart and fun.



Volkswagen. Had a sprawling and inviting exhibit featuring several cars and demonstrations highlighting the cool technologies enhancing the VW driving experience.



Volkswagen. One of the cooler demos was the electric car charging demo: Imaging driving your electric car into your garage at home and the batter instantly begins charging from underneath as you put the car in park. Cool and convenient.



MTG. Talk about an interesting in-booth demo. MTG was showcasing their “lift and firm” product with several stations for consumers to get a “face-on” demo. Many visitors participated. We all want to look our best, right?



Intel. And how about a nod to the Intel team for the CES Asia exhibit. Intel repurposed two of the future-forward beacons from our CES 2015 Las Vegas exhibit. Along with the latest consumer devices and demos, we featured a variety of wow experiences via our Spotlight program. The Spotlight showcased local innovators in Asia doing amazing things with Intel technologies. We focused on the passion points of music, sports, entertainment, fitness, gaming, and fashion. We were packed the entire time!



Wrapping Up. All in all, I’m keeping an eye on CES Asia and am expecting huge growth from this show over the coming years. The attendees had an energy that was contagious. Many of the brands brought their best experiences. It was indeed a memorable show. On behalf of my entire CEA Asia team (including DJ Yuki, pictured here with me at our CEA Asia booth), we’ll catch you in our next field report.

The author, Victor Torregroza, is program manager-brand and reputation marketing, at Intel.

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