Guilt-Free Tchotchkes - Event Marketer

Guilt-Free Tchotchkes - Event Marketer

Guilt-Free Tchotchkes

In anticipation of Earth Day on April 22, The Advertising Specialty Institute published its first-ever list of top ecofriendly giveaway items.

1. ELEPHANT-POO NOTEBOOK Yes, it’s made from elephant poop. No, it doesn’t smell like elephant poop.

2. BAMBOO DINNERWARE You’ve seen the utensils, now check out the plates and bowls. 3. SEED-PAPER POSTCARD Branded, biodegradable cards that sprout flowers when they’re planted.

4. SHOWER TIMER Better lather up. This guilt-inducing gadget tells you when your five minutes are up.

5. RECYCLED TIRES JAR OPENER Helpful tool for weaklings. Made from recycled rubber tires.

6. PINE TREE SEEDLING A live pine tree in a container, ready for a group planting event.

7. ORGANIC T-SHIRT The cotton has been grown without the aid of pesticides or fertilizers.

8. COMPOSTABLE PENS The pens completely break down in a landfill in 90 days (except the spring and refill).

9. HEMP-BLEND POLO Attention summer tours, this cotton and hemp organic shirt is naturally antibacterial.

10. NONWOVEN BAG These eco bags are good for collecting swag and literature at trade shows and events.

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[ eco tip!]
Eliminate waste by starting a swag exchange at your next event where attendees can drop off stuff they don’t want and grab more of the stuff they do.

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