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FEARnet Feeds Zombie Roadkill to Eager Halloweenies

To promote the Oct. 4 premiere of the new web series “Zombie Roadkill,” starring Thomas Haden Church, online network FEARnet is serving up undead treats at haunted houses in five markets as part of a partnership with the America Haunts network. The series is about college kids who get attacked by the reanimated corpses of recently killed roadside animals, and all does not go well.

Through its sponsorship with America Haunts, a national network of Halloween-themed event properties, FEARnet will activate a treat truck straight out of the reality show “Fear Factor.” Hungry guests waiting in line for haunted houses in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Baton Rouge, LA, throughout the month of October will be able to order dishes like Crushed Cat on the Half Shell, and though they’ll be getting a chicken taco, the fun’s all about the gross out factor.

“We’re here to drum up excitement among these hardcore fright fans,” Jennifer Morgan, marketing director at FEARnet, told Buzz. “We’ve seen that treat trucks are an effective promotional strategy and it’ll do what we want. At the end of the day it’s all about brand awareness.”

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