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How American Express Keeps its Event Portfolio Fresh

It is a piece of plastic with a string of numbers and an expiration date stamped across the bottom.

For credit card companies, marketing is about humanizing the product and creating emotional connections that lead to preference. After all, most people have multiple credit cards in their wallets. Getting them to consistently choose the same one—that’s what it’s all about. How do you get people to realize that one card is different from all the others? That your card is worth the cost of an annual membership fee? That using your card leads to rewards, stellar customer service and special access to concerts, sporting events and exclusive fashion shows?

At American Express, experiential marketing has long been a driving force in making that connection and maintaining that purchase preference. The company’s engaging campaigns have taken the concept of sponsorship, which 15 years ago entailed little more than naming rights and signage, to a whole new level. Its entertainment campaigns have changed the game. Amex retail programs generate lifts and the brand has long used singular event campaigns to drive both customer retention and acquisition at the same time. And make no mistake: the company ushered in the era of “digital plus live” amplification.

Despite its successes, Amex continues to raise the bar, defining and redefining experiential marketing for the rest of us. To find out how, click here and download the PDF.

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