Building Experiential Storylines: Superfans, Collaborations and Talent

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Spencer Sherman, VP-Live Content and Events at FaZe Clan; Nick Garrett, Director, GDX Studios

Superfans are willing to follow the brands and properties they love across the country, the world, and now, into exciting and challenging new frontiers for marketers, like the metaverse. And with the rise of niche passions, crisscrossing passions, the opportunities to align with new partners and transform your brand’s “fan base” into “a superfan base” are growing.

For this episode, we sat down right at the tail-end of 2022 with Spencer Sherman, vp-live content and events at mega esports and entertainment brand, FaZe Clan. And joining us was Nick Garrett, director at GDX Studios, to discuss engaging superfans, influencer events, and talent relations.

FaZe Clan is an influential gaming organization, a lifestyle brand and a content studio that feeds the beast—its hyper-engaged fan base—through buzzy live events. Think: FaZe Clan’s TwitchCon influencer event with crypto partner and sponsor MoonPay featuring Travis Scott, to a FaZe x OpTic tournament with a merch component, to a FaZe Clan x Draft Kings NFL watch party at FaZe Clan’s content studio, The Warehouse. Indeed, collaborations are opening up new ways for FaZe to develop storylines and integrated marketing campaigns that come to life through events.

We also discuss what’s on their minds for this year, 2023. And spoiler alert: It involves “more.” Enjoy the episode.


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