Sampling Tour: Eight O’Clock Coffee Branding Has ‘Intention’

Inside the Bold Eight O'Clock Coffee Sampling Tour

Bold Branding Gives an Eight O’Clock Coffee Sampling Tour ‘Intention’

How the coffee brand is disrupting the category with a blend of marketing campaign engagements


To drive trial of its new Infusions line—coffee infused with ingredients to help you stay “alert” or “relax”—Eight O’Clock Coffee has launched an eight-week, 10-market sampling tour featuring a brightly-colored coffee truck. The tour kicked off at the Houston Premium Outlets on National Coffee Day, Sept. 29, in Houston, and activated at local events ranging from fund-raisers to retail stores to football games across the country through November.

Inside the activation footprint, consumers engage with brand ambassadors sporting purple and orange hairdos representing the two Infusions options. They step up to the sampling truck for a hot cup of coffee—either Alert, which is a coffee blended with guarana extract (for extra caffeine) for someone preparing for a big meeting or workout; or Relax, a decaf coffee blended with chamomile and lavender cuts for those looking for an alternative to a calming tea. Eight O’Clock Coffee calls it “coffee with intention.” Afterward, attendees are invited to snap a selfie and choose a filter that represents each coffee variety (like the Relax filter that depicts a beach scene) to share on social media with the hashtags #WhatsYourReason and #InfusionsBreak.

Eight O’Clock Coffee, a 150-year-old brand, is looking to target older millennials with the Infusions line, and as part of the fully integrated marketing campaign surrounding the launch, the brand has activated in-store displays and sampling, shelf signage, targeted digital and mobile ads, social media content and local radio campaigns.

“We thought for something like this, because it’s very disruptive for the coffee aisle, and we’re the first national brand to bring coffee blended with these added ingredients to market, how better to introduce consumers to it than to sample from this activation with a look that is very fresh and new for the category,” says Ali Angione, director-marketing at Eight O’Clock Coffee. Agency: Source CXM, Norwalk, CT.


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