Coke Takes FIFA’s Trophy to the People - Event Marketer

Coke Takes FIFA’s Trophy to the People – Event Marketer

Coke Takes FIFA’s Trophy to the People

In anticipation of the World Cup soccer championships this summer, Coca-Cola has revived its FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour, which is visiting 85 countries and concludes with festivities in South Africa where the 2010 tournament will be held in June. The tour gives fans around the world a chance to get up-close-and-personal with the tournament’s solid gold trophy as well as engage with the brand via a variety of celebration-themed activities.

“The objective we have with the trophy tour is to provide lifetime memories for our consumers and their families,” Emmanuel Seuge, head of worldwide sports and entertainment marketing at Coca-Cola, told Buzz. “Over the next six months we want to invite consumers to show us how they celebrate.”

Fans will obtain tickets to the experience in a number of ways in their markets, including through special cans and bottles sporting a sticker of the tour’s flag or bottle caps saying, “you win.” Once at the venue, fans are treated to a full-blown branded celebration with soccer jugglers, cheerleaders, dancers and drummers partying to the beat of the campaign’s “Wave & Flag” song. Ice-cold bottles of Coke are on hand to quench fans’ thirsts. The pièce de résistance is a 3D video tracing the history of the tourney, which ends with an invitation for fans to check out something special: a chance to take a picture with the trophy. The photos are provided on site and on the tour’s official website: Following the trophy photo op fans can continue to party doing the Wave & Flag dance. Videographers will capture the best moments and post them on the website. Upon exiting, fans receive their photo and a Coke.

In each market the tour will add local flavor, like bringing in a popular celebrity to join in the activities. The company estimates that 500,000 people will go through the experience this year. Agency: Ignition, Atlanta.

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