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Clif Bar Brings Energy Bars to Soccer Pitches Across the States

The Clif Bar brand set off in April on its second national soccer tour, and will hit 13 markets from Boston to Los Angeles through the fall to generate awareness and drive trial among active lifestyle influencers all over the country. From hundreds of fans of the brand and serious soccer enthusiasts who applied to be Clif Bar Soccer influencers, only 20 were accepted to represent the brand in the target markets. They leverage social media, attend local eco-friendly events and hand out 500 samples each month to lend authenticity and credibility to the brand among players and enthusiasts of the sport.

The brand is also hitting local soccer centers and stadiums and handing out another 500 samples a month from the front desk to adult soccer fans as they arrive at the centers. Meanwhile, street teams are hitting the markets guerrilla-style at local recreational leagues and pick-up games to get in front of consumers who actually play the game instead of just watch it.

“The overarching goal for this is to drive trial and soccer is one of the most promising sports for us to be involved in,” Ricardo Balazs, sports marketing manager at Clif Bar, told Buzz. “These markets are all either undeveloped for us or strong soccer markets and we’re looking at growing our business.” Agency: Zoom Media & Marketing, New York City.


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