American Express Woos Golfers At The U.S. Open – Event Marketer

American Express Woos Golfers At The U.S. Open – Event Marketer
American Express at Pinehurst 2014

American Express Woos Golfers At The U.S. Open

American Express’s activations at this year’s U.S. Open in Pinehurst, N.C., offered attendees new customized experiences built on the brand’s service platform. Following are three standouts among the offerings at its American Express Championship Experience:

1. Professional-grade swing analysis

American Express has offered swing analysis in the past, but the TrackMan system at this year’s Open stepped it up to a whole new level. Many of the pros use TrackMan to analyze their swings, and this year, fans could tap into the technology as well. An on-site teaching professional showed attendees how to read the numbers and offered additional tips. Those who signed up through the RFID received the statistics and their video in an email so they could continue to progress post-event—or even share the video with friends—if they dared.

2. Golf fitness assessments

Sean Cochran, who is Phil Mickelson’s trainer, gave attendees one-on-one assessments and tips. Those who registered via RFID received additional tips from Cochran. Nothing like a little motivation to help with fitness challenges.

3. U.S. Open photo op

While many events and activations offer green screen photo opportunities, this one was especially meaningful since no cell phones or cameras are allowed on the course at Pinehurst. Fans actually have to check it at the gate in order to enter the course. So this was the only chance attendees had to have their photo taken, either as an animated gif or a static photo, against a U.S. Open backdrop, then email it to their friends, to prove they really were there.

“When thinking through the activation and how we could service some of the pain points, such as not having your phone on-site, we felt this was a nice value-add for the consumer,” says Michele Carr, director of sports marketing at American Express.

Even better, those who signed up for the RFID bracelet received all three—their swing analysis, fitness assessment and photo—all in one email.


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