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Xerox Simple@Work Merges 15 Events into One

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Brand: XEROX
Year: 2015

Those who aren’t aware of its evolving brand may equate Xerox with tooth and nail battles with unruly copy machines.As one of the leading providers of business services in the world, with offerings from accounting to document management services, Xerox knew it needed to showcase itself in a new light.

The solution was simple@work: A two-day event in New York City that effectively merged 15 events into one in an effort to offer content that was highly targeted and relevant for a variety of attendee types. Organizing by function, Xerox offered like-minded professionals the ability to network and share ideas within their function, but outside their industry. The setup allowed attendees to cross-pollinate concepts without worrying about sharing ideas within their field.

Live content generation at simple@work was also a top priority, with 30 Vine videos, two blogs and two blogs created on-site and shared via corporate social media channels in real time. In addition, social media conversations surrounding the event were displayed via a visualizer on large LED screens in the site’s grand ballroom.

Based on attendee feedback, Xerox’s approach is something other brands are bound to, ahem, copy. Results showed that 91 percent of participants rated the event “excellent” or “very good,” while 87 percent said they were “extremely likely” to recommend the affair. Meanwhile, 10,000 social media engagements were earned.

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