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Water, Lighting Accents Drive LG’s Natural CTIA Booth Design

DB_LG_2008 Ex
Brand: LG
Year: 2008

LG’s core message—LG is The Nature of Mobile—was woven into every aspect of the CTIA space. The brand played up both nature and high-tech multimedia at its booth, offering attendees an interactive and fully immersive experience that kept it a packed house throughout.

Attendees could pick from the Music Zone, Video Zone or the Design Zone. In the Music Zone (The Nature of Music), the overriding motif was water and waves evoked via computer-programmed lighting accents using water-patterned gobos. The phones on display were in cases with water-patterned acrylic panels. In the kiosks, raindrops hitting the surface of a pool of water showed on a 42-inch LG LCD TV on HD video. When attendees picked up a phone, the screen rippled to reveal information about that model.

At the Design Zone (The Nature of Style), the focus was on style with a reeds and branches motif made of high gloss metallic. The phones were displayed in cases in acrylic panels with reeds and actual branches. HD video showed reeds moving in the breeze as a backdrop to the phone.

In the Video Zone (The Evolution of Broadcast), the motif was trees and leaves done in vertical, staggered wood accent panels with integrated lighting. The phones were displayed in cases using staggered aluminum panels reminiscent of wood. On a loop, an HD video showed inspirational imagery allowing attendees to look up through a canopy of trees. The trees then transformed into digital rain revealing phone highlights.

The unlikely pairing of nature and technology built buzz for the LG booth. It increased foot traffic and garnered the brand much media attention.

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