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Warner Bros. Activates a ’300′ Ancient World in Petco Park

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Year: 2008

It was no small feat turning Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres, into a re-creation of the ancient world showcased in the blockbuster film “300,” but Warner Bros. made it happen at an exclusive DVD launch party it held during Comic-Con last year.

One of the biggest challenges was transforming the covered concourse-level entrance of the baseball stadium into a Mediterranean and Persian-themed bacchanalia. It all started with a “living tableau” of 12 muscled and costumed Spartan warriors, seemingly guarding access to the venue. Once the party was underway, these warriors roamed the environment, posing for photo opportunities with the guests.

Guests rode escalators up to the Grand Entry where mood lighting and scenery created the look and feel of an ancient palace corridor. Guests viewed a series of costumes from the film as they walked through the corridor. Then, they climbed stairs and found themselves in the primary party space, which was drenched in a moonlight wash, with accents of red and gold. The ancient Persian and Mediterranean theme continued, complete with concubines writhing about on raised pedestals.

The dance floor was backed by a giant projection screen to give guests the feeling that there was no end point to the party space. Oh, and did we mention that a live screening of the film was being held concurrently in the bleachers for 6,000 loyal fans?

So how did the party perform? The event garnered massive television coverage. (WHV’s media evaluation service found that it would have cost $1 million to buy all the time they received.) And 800,000 consumer impressions were achieved online as well. The DVD sales for “300” were well beyond expectations and the film ended the year as one of the top five DVDs of 2007.

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