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W.L. Gore & Associates Takes Gear Demos to the Mountain

DB_Goretex_Ex 2008
Year: 2008

Educating the public about outdoor technologies can only be done if, well, it’s taken outdoors. And W.L. Gore & Associates, a windproof, waterproof and breathable fabric technology company, wasted no time. It hit the road on the Know What’s Inside tour to promote its Gore-Tex and Windstopper products. Its target was clear: outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts, local retailers, meteorologists and outdoor reporters. To give back, the tour also partnered with One Warm Coat to help support local communities through footwear and coat drives at each stop.

The tour traveled in a Chevy crew cab hitting spots across the U.S. and Canada. The vehicle functioned as a mobile lab equipped with an Extreme Weather Chamber, Gore-Tex Evidence Communication Station, Demo Tent and garment, footwear and accessory displays, all run by an expert crew.

Visitors to the vehicle were treated to interactive demonstrations that brought the product to life. In the Extreme Weather Chamber, visitors could test Gore-Tex in a variety of weather conditions, including rain, to test how the product keeps people dry. Consumers could dial up their own weather, controlling the wind, rain and cold. The stormy environment was enhanced by a flashing strobe light and loud bolts of thunder.

Following the demonstration, consumers were directed to the Reason to Believe stations where another demonstration was held to explain how Gore-Tex products are composed of millions of microscopic pores designed to keep elements out and the body warmth in. There were also a number of videos and demos including a wind resistance face-off between traditional fleece and the Windstopper fabric.

The 174-day tour traveled 54,410 miles and garnered 63,734 direct interactions with consumers. It visited 82 events and retailers with 1,354,341 in attendance. It received a total of 11,562,414 in media impressions, including TV segments in large media markets like Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and others.

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