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Verizon’s Tech Places Fans in a Game-Winning Moment

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Year: 2017

There are throw and pass games, and then there are throw and pass games like title sponsor Verizon activated at Super Bowl City. Using a curved digital backdrop, Verizon created an experience that captured the emotion of a game-winning pass as a quarterback. The best part about this Game Winner experience? Participants were recorded, edited and integrated into an NFL Network highlight video reel featuring legendary announcer Marshall Faulk, which was delivered via email within minutes of exiting the experience. Not only could they relive the moment, they could share it, too, and more than 1,400 fans did on Facebook, with another 1,000 fans posting to Twitter.

Here’s how it worked: A 25-foot by 10-foot, 200-degree, Ultra HD projection screen framed the experience within the activation structure. Against the backdrop of a “real” football stadium, and using Kinect technology, consumers could “throw” a pass to live-action receivers streaking to the end zone with five seconds left on the clock. Essentially, consumers were immersed in a life-size digital game, throwing passes that translated on the screen in real-time. Play-by-play commentary from CBS Network’s Greg Gumbel in a hyper-realistic environment added to the intensity (Can you feel it?) as football fans lived out the universal fantasy of playing quarterback in the Super Bowl. On top of the live-action players, there were cheerleaders, players, coaches and thunderous special effects. (We bet you feel it now.)

The custom videos generated from the experience were integrated into the NFL Fan Mobile Pass platform that allowed Verizon to collect data while delivering the content seamlessly. Verizon’s goal was to “deliver on a promise of a digital future.” We’re thinking all that game-winning adrenaline helped the brand earn more than a few new customers that day.

Of course, that was but one piece of the sleek, white 4,000-square-foot experience Verizon activated that also included the #Minute50 wall that served up prizes every hour at the 50-minute mark to lucky consumers using the contest hashtag. The Go90 zone also featured the brand’s video-streaming app, and a Switching Station with product specialists that could switch consumers to Verizon right there, on top of trying out a host of mobile devices.

But back to that game. Overall, Verizon recorded more than 2,000 unique participants of Game Winner, including NFL stars like J.J. Watts and Nick Mangold, and celebrity Victoria Justice. The brand also enjoyed a 98 percent click-through rate for the emailed highlight clips. Say it with us: Touchdown.

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