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Verizon Power House Empowers Guests with Tech

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Year: 2015

As a major sponsor of the NFL, Verizon knew it had to stand out among the clutter of brands vying for attention as football fans ramped up for Super Bowl XLVIII. Their solution was simple: make every Power House visitor feel like a special guest. To achieve this, the brand transformed New York City’s Bryant Park into a 15,000-square-foot showcase of personalized, interactive technology experiences for Super Bowl fans that tapped into their passion for football and the NFL. Rather than taking the traditional product demo approach, Verizon conceptualized its activation experiences around what football fans would enjoy, then seeded the brand message within a customized user journey.

The technology and innovation experiences inside the space were designed to shift Verizon’s brand perception from a mobile service provider to a leading technology innovator. Personalization started as soon as consumers walked in the door. With the help of biometric scan technology, participants created a customized profile with their fingerprint, photo and personal information. Fans then simply scanned into each Power House experience to personalize their interaction.

Twelve unique touchpoints provided participants with a variety of experiences. Each fan had the opportunity to learn about NFL Mobile through “live” and personalized chats with NFL players; create a customized timeline of their life featuring the most iconic moments in NFL, pop culture and tech history; play with an interactive wall showcasing many of Verizon’s Powerful Answers stories; learn about the benefits of a Verizon-connected life through a unique 270-degree projection mapping experience and embark on other tech-centric adventures.

Content generated within the space was posted on the Wall of Fame and online (made possible by Verizon’s Cloud services). And to wrap up the experience, as visitors exited the space, the brand offered complimentary phone charging via biometric scanning, as well as a pair of texting gloves to help fight the bitter cold outside.

Cue the end zone dance. The Power House achieved results that will likely serve as benchmarks for future Super Bowl activations. The experience drew in 29,000 visitors over the course of five days, earning an average dwell time of 25 minutes per guest.

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