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Verizon Packs High-Tech Gadgets into its Mobile Tour

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Year: 2005

Given the trendy tastes of the consumers it was going after with its mobile effort last year, marketers at Verizon Wireless figured the standard tractor-trailer probably wasn’t going to make the right impression for its tour—the brand team reportedly had zeroed in on using SUVs even during the initial planning for its ’04 campaign.

“They wanted to use something that had a durable, rugged look to it,” says James Riseborough, president of Turtle Transit.

Verizon settled on a half-dozen Nissan Xterras to carry the brand message. And then the real fun began. For one thing, the vehicles would have to be designed to let consumers walk around to check out the goods inside without those pesky passenger doors getting in the way. So after an Internet search for Xterras with wing doors turned up nothing, Turtle figured out how to replace the standard Xterra doors with gull wings.

Next, the SUVs would have to be chock-full of high-tech gadgets. On board each vehicle: three test-screen monitors, three CPUs to run each monitor, a 42-inch plasma screen, DVD and CD players, 12-volt power inverter, neon lights below deck and lights to illuminate the Verizon signage on the roof.

All of that equipment had to be installed so that the event teams, while on the road, could access the wires and controls, and handle basic repairs on their own. “People who aren’t necessarily computer people have been able to operate all of it with no problem since they hit the road,” Riseborough says.

Equipment, tents and calling stations were carried by eight-foot trailers, but the team didn’t want tow vehicles to detract from the rugged look. So the carriers were built out to resemble the Xterras, complete with bent roof bars and flood lights.

Verizon Wireless has the campaign back on the road in ’05, and has even added a seventh Xterra to the lineup.

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